VDCA Year End Finale

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VDCA Year End Finale

Postby alfar7 » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:56 pm

There were several Alfa Racers at Roebling this weekend. In Group 8 fastest was Caesar Cone, Craig Conway had his car there with a new 155 engine in it, Ariel Dora with his Yellow Duetto. And me of course.
Dave Anderson with his GTA Jr had a unblemished weekend and ran well in Group 3. Tom Turner had a new GTV that had un-ending ignition issues, which was quite frustrating for him.

I spent a bit of time repairing a damaged mount on the chassis for the rear suspensions upper link, but with the help of Buddy at SASCO got it all welded back together and did reasonably well in the enduro.

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